All important contact information at a glance:

    Customer service

    The service number for general enquiries about your credit card and questions about transactions.

    Mastercard Standard

    • +41 44 659 64 73

    Mastercard Gold

    • +41 44 659 63 38

    Mastercard Platinum

    • +41 44 659 64 13

    Mastercard Gold EUR/USD

    • +41 44 659 66 93

    24h HELP line

    The emergency number to block cards and for notifying instances of misuse.

    • +41 44 659 69 03

    24h HELP line

    Make sure that we can contact you by SMS or e-mail.

    Contact form

    Please do not send us any of your credit card numbers or any information or orders to do with your card account!

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    With electronic exchange of information, any information will be transported via an open network accessible to anyone, and – even with appropriate data encryption – can possibly also be viewed or manipulated by third parties. Please take note of our terms and conditions regarding Internet utilisation, which also point out information about viruses and other detrimental software (“malware”) as well as the possibility of targeted hack attacks. For your own protection we will definitely return such information to you telephonically or in writing and not via e-mail, even if you nevertheless authorise us to the latter through disclosure of your e-mail address.