You need to change your 3-D Secure profile to be able to continue shopping securely and conveniently online using the Transakt app.

    Preparing to change your profile


    • The credit card you used when you first registered
    • Its credit card account number
      You can find this on your credit card statement or in cardservice.
    • Your new smartphone


    Check whether the Transakt app is already uploaded on your new smartphone. If it isn’t, install the Transakt app on your new smartphone.

    You can find the free Transakt app in the following app stores:

    Instructions for changing your profile

    Read through the four steps to change your profile carefully before starting to change your profile below.

    1. Select the card (American Express, Mastercard World or Visa) that you used when you first registered – all your other credit cards will automatically be updated when you change your profile.

    2. Enter the card number and its credit card account number.

    3. Make a note of the code which is sent to your new smartphone by SMS.

    4. Open the Transakt app and activate it using the SMS code. You can now shop securely and relaxed online again.

    OFF YOU GO: Change your 3-D Secure profile now

    Select which card you would like to use to change your profile.

    With Mastercard, the 3-D Secure technology is called Mastercard® SecureCode™ .

    Change your Mastercard profile here