A straightforward explanation of your monthly statement

    Every month, you will receive a detailed monthly statement. Use this statement to check your spending for that month quickly and simply.

    A straightforward explanation of your monthly statement

    Please note that, as the principal cardholder, you are responsible for checking the card transactions on your account as soon as you receive this statement. Any unclear or erroneous transactions must be reported immediately using the complaint form.

    Image minimum payment

    How much do you have to pay?

    The amount to be paid is stated on your monthly statement under «Minimum payment». Depending on whether you have activated the installment facility or not, this corresponds with the full invoice amount or the minimum amount.

    Image due date

    When is your payment due?

    It is due on the date which is stated under «Payment due on».

    Paying your bill with a payment slip

    Paying your bill via DD