Theft and loss

    Procedures and support in the event of the theft or the loss of your credit card:

    24h emergency number for card blocking

    Card lost or stolen? Report the loss of your credit card immediately so that we can block your card without delay.

    Emergency telephone number


    Provided you have exercised due care, you will not be liable for any risks or deductibles that may arise from the loss of your credit card. This includes any withdrawals that may have been made with your stolen card by third parties. Dial the 24h emergency number as quickly as possible, and we will block your card immediately.

    Emergency cash, emergency card, replacement card

    If you have lost your card and find yourself away from home without any money, we will help you out of your predicament: we will ensure that you receive emergency cash, that you are sent an emergency card – typically within 48 hours – and that your replacement card gets to you as quickly as possible.