Pay with Mastercard while travelling

    The credit card is not just an established method of payment for everyday life but at the same time a reliable companion when on holiday.

    You can pay with it safely anywhere, remain flexible, enjoy insurance protection and manage your budget.

    Travel safely with credit cards

    The credit card is one of the safest methods of payment. As if you should lose your wallet, the card is replaced, generally within 48 hours. In contrast, you do not get your cash back.

    Paying by credit card is also really easy: in the meantime you can pay by credit card almost anywhere and be flexibly independent from the local currency. This applies 

    • In shops
    • In restaurants
    • In hotels
    • At train ticket offices
    • At gas stations
    • In car parks

    Benefits that really pay off

    The credit card can also be used

    • As a deposit with car rental
    • To reserve hotel rooms

    And anyone who carries out accurate calculations will discover another benefit: there are often weeks between paying by credit card and the arrival of your monthly statement. That means: plenty of time for the cash to stay in your own bank account and gain interest. The clear monthly statement shows how much you have spent where and when. Making it easier to manage your budget.

    Currency conversion process abroad

    More and more sellers offer cardholders the change to pay for goods in Swiss francs straight away. The process applied, so-called "dynamic currency conversion" recognizes the currency of the credit card and can immediately convert the amount into Swiss francs. Basically a very convenient service. But be aware: the exchange rate applied is usually higher than if the conversion is carried out by the credit card issuer. A handling fee of 2.50 % is charged for transactions in foreign currencies.