All Mobile Insurance

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    All Mobile Insurance

    Not only does the new All Mobile Insurance automatically cover all your mobile devices, it also covers the devices of everyone else in your household. Relax in the knowledge that your favorite devices are covered not just at home but also when you travel in Switzerland and abroad. Incidentally, you don’t need to have paid for the devices with your card.

    For you and your whole family:

    All mobile devices automatically included: Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks or portable media players – when you take out the new All Mobile Insurance, all mobile devices in the same household are automatically covered. It is very simple and there is no need to register the individual devices.

    Great cover with comprehensive insurance: For damage, theft or unauthorized use, you receive simple and rapid assistance in the event of loss. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your valuable devices have global cover.

    Save time and money: You can save yourself additional guarantee extensions as well as separate insurance for each individual device. And the best thing is: Each new mobile device is automatically covered.

    Insurance benefits*

    for notebooks, mobile phones, tablets and portable media players

    sums insured

    in CHF per event


    CHF 19.90/monthly


    CHF 24.90/monthly


    CHF 29.90/monthly

    Unauthorized call cover in the event of theft1,0002,0003,000
    Extended guarantee1,0002,0003,000

    * You can find the exact terms and conditions (incl. insurance amounts and disclaimers) in the conditions of insurance.