The World Mastercard Standard The credit card with an attractive spending bonus

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The neutral World Mastercard Standard is the simple and secure way to make large and small payments. Use your card everywhere from the supermarket checkout and the restaurant to online and when traveling. Contactless payment is even possible for smaller sums. With around 36 million points of acceptance globally, you and your card are welcome everywhere.

If you are looking for a credit card to access easy and secure global payment, we recommend the World Mastercard Standard.

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The credit card advantages at a glance:

  • Attractive annual spending bonus
  • Secure cashless payment – globally
  • Contactless payment – quick and easy
  • Around 36 million points of acceptance worldwide
  • Neutral card with no bank logo
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The easy way to pay:

  • Install Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay on your smartphone or smartwatch
  • You can pay now simply and securely in shops or in apps when you are on the move
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Attractive annual spending bonus

We hope that you will enjoy using your card. Which is why we are offering an attractive bonus: From a turnover* of CHF 10,000, we will refund your entire annual fee.

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* Except for fees, interest, back-charges, outstanding payments, and cash withdrawals and spending on the lottery, betting or casinos.

Security first

You are on the safe side with Mastercard and 3-D Secure. The internationally recognized standard provides additional protection for card payments on the Internet. The Swisscard app enables 3-D Secure identification and payment confirmation on your smartphone. One touch is all you need to confirm each purchase.

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Simple payment

Payment could not be easier with the neutral World Mastercard Standard. There are over 36 million points of acceptance around the world, including restaurants, hotels and stores. Your credit card is the easy way to pay for day-to-day shopping, for gas, for your next holiday or for business trips. And if you need cash, you can use the credit card at almost all ATMs around the world.

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Contactless payment

Nowadays, simple and handy cashless payments are even possible for small sums. Simply hold your credit card up to a payment terminal with the contactless symbol. For small sums, you need neither a signature nor a PIN. This makes everyday payment even simpler and more convenient.

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Annual fee

Secure yourself the World Mastercard Standard for an annual fee of just 100 CHF now.

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Detailed summary of benefits World Mastercard Standard